Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Subscribing to the PEP-Web Archive for Universities and Public Agencies


PEP-Web is available to universities and public agencies on a site license basis – so that any member of the faculty and all registered students at a licensed institution may access it at any time.

The cost then has two components based on the size of the Institution (using standard methods of compiling full time equivalents of faculty and students combined): an initial purchase fee and an annual recurrent access fee payable in the second year and subsequently.

Below are details of the prices:

University FTE profile

Initial Fee

Recurrent Fee




2,500 – 3,499



3,500 – 4,999



5,000 – 9,999



10,000 – 14,999



15,000 – 19,999



20,000 – 34,999   $14,700 $10,860

35,000 – 40,999



 41,000 – 50,999  $20,000 $17,240
 51,000 – 69,999  $25,000 $22,975

Initial prices will rise over time as PEP introduces more content. Recurrent prices are intended to remain fixed in real terms in perpetuity from the moment of contract. There has been over 30% inflation in prices in the advanced economies since PEP’s prices were first set in 2002, but our prices have so far gone up once, by 5%. In the future we aim to review the situation more regularly but insofar as possible keep to small increases.

PEP offers consortia and other discounts.

Special purchase prices (for example for a 10 year subscription) are also available for institutions benefiting from endowments or gifts.

PEP supports access via IP address and secure URL referral and is OpenAthens compliant.

PEP supports internationally agreed functionality for stable DOI’s, catalogue integration, usage, and bibliographic export.

If you are interested in a 30-day trial version of the PEP Archive or for further information and orders, please contact the PEP Sales Department at

Updated January 5, 2023