Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Subscribing to the PEP-Web Archive for Group Subscriptions

Low cost roster-based group access to the PEP-Web Archive

As of January 2024 PEP has over 18,000 users with access to PEP-Web, including psychoanalytic institutes and societies or professional groups of psychiatrists and psychologists.

Group access provides low cost, 24-hour, 7 days-a-week access from home, office, or temporary location through a conventional browser.

Because little technical effort is required by library or institute staff, the solution is low maintenance. In effect PEP provides a full online psychoanalytic library.

To individuals, PEP-Web is now offered on the basis of an initial entry charge of $1,030 and then an annual subscription fee of $148. [This pricing system is designed to ensure equity between DVD and Web customers and to protect the income flows PEP needs to carry on developmental work bringing more and more excellent and extensive psychoanalytic content into the Archive.] Further, the cost also reflects the cost of the need for PEP to provide individual customer service, unlike what is needed for Groups.

Groups from Associations, Institutes or Societies with an annual membership fee and printed roster (usually numbering 100 or more members) can subscribe to the Archive without an entrance fee and at an annual subscription of $72 per member and $42 per student. This is called the ROSTER-BASED option. This low rate is available only when all those on an Institute or Society roster, who pay dues, are included in the PEP subscription. In effect PEP provides a library service. Any offices or libraries within the institute are given access without additional fees.

In the case of Associations or Institutes who are not psychoanalytic groups, where it is unreasonable to expect the large majority of the membership to be interested in psychoanalysis, PEP offers an OPT-IN option. Such groups include over 100 intending users, which must be an appropriately significant proportion of its membership (no less than 85% in a psychotherapy group but perhaps much less in a generic psychiatry or psychology group, for instance). In such cases there is a small entrance fee and then an annual subscription of $135 per annum – but only for those who maintain a subscription year on year.

In this “opt-in” situation, fees will not cover access to on site in offices and libraries belonging to the Institute. (Under certain circumstances the entrance fee which is to cover access to the Freud Standard edition can be built into the annual fee).

There are general conditions applicable to all groups. Modified versions of these offers can be agreed for smaller Institutes or in special circumstances. Interested Institutes should contact the PEP Sales Department:

Updated January 5, 2023