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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts are intended to make PEP-Web easy for all. Only one key needs to be pressed at a time, in a short sequence. They work for power users, hunt and peck typists, and those using assistive technologies.

General Instructions

Press the Group Key, followed by one of the feature related keys. For example, to go to the Search screen, enter Q followed by S. If you press Esc first, it will ensure your keyboard context is not in a text or other entry field which would otherwise take the keystrokes.

Shortcut Groups

Quick Access Group, Q followed by:

FunctionQ followed by
Clear SearchC
User Account InfoU
Preferences dialogP
LogoutL O

Navigation Group, N followed by:

NavigationN followed by
Next ArticleN
Previous ArticleP
Next HitH N
Previous HitH P
Next Article, First HitA N
Prev Article, First HitA P

UI Toggle Group, T followed by

Hide /Show ToggleT followed by
Sidebars (both)B
Left SidebarL
Right SidebarR
Hits in contextH
Glossary HighlightingG

Of course, this is a starting list. With the two key method, it’s easy to extend as we have quite a few shortcut choices!


  • Hide or show the side bars: Press [T] then [B] in a short sequence, i.e., [T] [B]
  • Hide or show the left side bar: [T] then [L], i.e., [T] [L]
  • Go to the next article in the navigation group: Press [N] then [N]
  • Go to the prior article in the navigation group: Press [N] then [P]
  • Go to the next hit (match) in the article: Press [N] then [H] then [N]