Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

The PEP Consolidated Psychoanalytic Glossary is a compilation of terms, definitions, and discussion from major published psychoanalytic glossaries. With the glossary, PEP has integrated several of the key Psychoanalytic glossaries into a new document.

In this initial implementation, the glossaries included are as follows:

The Language of Psychoanalysis (Laplanche and Pontalis)
Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis (Skelton)
Glossary of Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts (Moore and Fine)
Dictionary of Kleinian Thought (Hinshelwood)
Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts (Auchincloss and Samberg)
EPF Glossary of Psychoanalysis in Europe (Junkers)

See the PEP Consolidated Glossary Introduction for more information.

Terms from the glossary are hyperlinked from within articles in PEP. As you move your cursor over the text in any article terms will change color. A simple click brings up a pop-up window with the definitions and discussion from each of the glossaries together, providing a brief definition from the glossary sources in a single consolidated view. You can also click to open the complete consolidated glossary entry which has the complete content from all the sources.

The Glossary can be browsed directly by typing its ID code: ZBK.069.0000A into the main Smartsearch field (labeled “What are you looking for?”) at the top of the left-hand side panel under the heading “Search for Documents”. Users may wish to save the Consolidated Glossary to their “Favourites” or “Read later” folders, by selecting the Heart or Bookmark icons, for easy access.