Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

2015 Video Competition

There will be no Video competition in 2015. If you believe you have a very good idea for video project please contact

Find out about the successful film projects here.

PEP Author Video Interview Project

A new Video Project which will replace the PEP Video Grants.

PEP will use the video grant funds to make brief videos of the most cited psychoanalytic authors.

PEP will call it the “The Top 100 Project.” PEP will set up a small studio and fund the video staff, interviewer and the facility.

There will be a pilot project at the APsaA Meetings in January 2016.

Other News

Freud Standard Edition and German Collected works are integrated such that by hovering the cursor in a paragraph of the GW the uses will get the equivalent translated paragraph in SE (and vice versa from SE to the German in GW).

PEP has developed a Book Publishing Policy and its main aim is to obtain the rights for book content that is heavily cited in PEP references, but not already a part of the PEP Archive. Adding new book content is in process but is slow, as obtaining copyright is problematic. Most publishers withhold these rights and want to electronically publish themselves. Psychoanalytic authors, when negotiating contracts, should try to maintain their electronic rights to the greatest extent possible, even if limited only to future publication on PEP-Web. 

PEP-Web includes video. Try it out!