Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Unfortunately, we can’t test and provide support for third party reader software for PDF or ePub formats.

There is one issue we know of currently with PEP-Web’s ePub output and some readers: some ePub reader software will not reformat/resize text downloaded from PEP-Web.

We have compiled a short list of ePub readers we have tested below, and and their compatibility with the current PEP-Web ePub format:

  • Android
    • Pocketbook (fixed size font – unless you set it to ignore CSS)
    • UB Reader (fixed size font, can adjust margins)
    • Moon+ Reader (adjustable font size, spacing, justification, more…)
    • FBReader (fixed size font, spacing, justification, more…)
  • IOS
    • iBooks (adjustable font size, multiple columns)
  • Macintosh OS-X Standalone
    • iBooks (adjustable font size, multiple columns)
  • Windows, Standalone
  • Firefox Plugins
    • ePubReader (adjustable font size, multiple columns)
  • Chrome Plugins
    • Readium (fixed size font, multiple columns)
    • Livemargin (adjustable font size, also Zoom)