Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

It is no longer possible to download or print book sections/chapters from PEP that are 50 pages or more in length. However, users can download and print sections/chapters of books that are 49 pages or less, to include Freud’s papers in the Standard Edition and Gesammelte Werke.

The reasoning behind this change is that the downloading and printing of large numbers of pages threatens copyright breaches and is also potentially adverse for the environment. It is not economically or environmentally sensible to print out whole books when they are available in print, and PEP is mindful that if people use the archive as a substitute for buying books this will have very adverse consequences for the publication of books in the psychoanalytic field. Although this policy may be frustrating on some occasions, we believe it is in the overall interest of the PEP user community.
When a book section/chapter is open in the central reading panel if it cannot be downloaded/printed, the download and print icons on the toolbar above will show as follows:

Moving the cursor onto these icons will also open a notification message:

Where a book section/chapter can be downloaded/printed the icons will show blue as follows:

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