Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Text of the Video:

PEP-Easy is a mobile web app for searching and viewing content on PEP-Web.  It focuses on providing the key operations of PEP-Web in an easy to use interface which is better suited to the smaller screens of mobile devices.  It works on desktop systems as well, allowing more flexibility in window sizes than PEP-Web.

  • There are three vertical sections to the app on the screen: “News and Information“, “Search“, and “Read“.
    • The app, by default, opens to the “Search section”.
    • You can open or close any section by clicking on the section title.  For example, to see News and Information, click on the heading like this.
    • To go back to the Search Section, you can click on News and Information again to close it, or you can use the menu and select from the three section names there.
    • We’ll go back to search using the menu
  • The search section lets you quickly enter and perform a search of PEP-Web.  By default, you see only a few fields in which to enter the criteria of a search.  But there are more fields to choose from.  Click the + icon or the “Search criteria” heading to expand the search form with more fields.  Click it again if you want to go back to the shorter form, which helps on small devices to see the results section below the form.
  • Let’s try a search
    • Let’s search for Transference.  …  There are a lot of documents with that word — 33798. 
    • So let’s narrow that down by being more specific as to what we are looking for.  Let’s type Transference and Separation.  Note you don’t have to type the “and”, it’s implied. 
    • That still produces too many documents.   This time there are 1331 results
    • Perhaps what we wanted to find were only the occurrences where transference is right next to separation? 
    • So we can put it in quotes–that’s a phrase search . … Now there are only two entries that match. 
    • To see the results in the article, we would click on the article were were interested in.  But rather than clicking on each one and looking to see where the matches are, we can see the match phrases for each right in the search list by clicking on “Show matches in text”.  This will show up to 10 for each document in the result list. 
    • Here there is only one match per document.
    • To open any of the matching documents, click on the main part of entry (not the matches).
    • Now we can see the abstract of the document (or the first part of it when there isn’t an abstract).  
    • To read the document, or see the match locations, we need to click on the “Read” button.
    • Now we can read the document, or go to the first match (referred to as a “hit”).  To jump to the first match, select “Jump to next hit” from the main menu.
  • To go back to the abstract, you can press the back button on your mobile device once, or to go back to the search results, just use the back button twice.  Of course, you can also use the menu to jump back to the Search section directly.