Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

+The New PEP-Web

Welcome to the New PEP-Web Help pages!

For the last three years PEP has been developing a modern new interface with many extra features and the capability for further feature development. The development was necessitated by a commercial takeover of our existing provider who served us extraordinarily well for twenty years and have also been very helpful in the changeover.

It is now available in Beta – meaning there may still be some rough edges and not all features are fully operational. Once the Beta phase has proved that everything works well enough, the existing platform will close.

Please do try it out! You can provide feedback and report any errors you encounter using the “Help” icon on the top right corner.

The New PEP-Web Help

Get the most out of the new PEP-Web platform by reading our new help pages, covering topics such as the powerful ways you can now search for content, how to customize the appearance of the interface to your preferences, and how to change the language. Also learn more about the new PEP-Web Infocards features, which include Favourites, Glossary Terms, Publisher Info and more.For a guided tour of using PEP-Web, including searching, browsing, refining results and more have a look at our Video Tutorials.