Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Web Librarian Info

PEP-Web’s Own ISSN

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing’s collection, on, now has its own ISSN number.  It’s ISSN 2472-6982.  The number is also displayed at the bottom of the PEP-Web online pages.

List of PEP Books and Journals in MARC format

You can download the files here.

We are happy to receive feedback…you can leave a problem report using the PEP Problem Reporting link.

The MARC file can be edited and supplemented using free MARC software, MarcEdit, which has a Z39.50 module to search for, and download Marc records. The MarcEdit software is here: MarcEdit Software Download

PEP OpenURL Support

PEP-Web supports OpenURL 0.1 syntax. The base URL for OpenURL queries is:{parameters}

where {parameters} include the following OpenURL defined parameters relevant to PEP-Web:

  • aulast/aufirst (both mapped to full author name)
  • issn/eissn
  • isbn
  • title/stitle (journal or book title)
  • atitle (article title)
  • volume
  • issue
  • pages
  • date

A few example queries would be (click to test them on PEP-Web):