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To order a PEP product online you need to be registered at (PaDS) ( PaDS is a database held in common with some other psychoanalytic organizations. Your personal data is held in a secure form compliant with International law. You agree to this if you continue this registration process. To know more about the way PEP uses any personal data please click here:

要订阅PEP在线产品,需要在 (PaDS) (注册。PaDS是一个与一些其他的精神分析组织共同拥有的数据库。你的个人信息以安全的形式储存,符合国际法规定。如果你继续注册过程,视为同意这一约定。要了解更所关于PEP如何使用任何个人信息,请点击

The form below is ONLY for individuals wishing to use a PEP product for their own use. If you are ordering for someone else or for an Institution please contact the PEP Sales Department (


PEP uses PaDS and email as the primary means of communication with PEP customers and it will be to your advantage to receive our messages. If you have any anti-spam protection on your email address be sure to enable mail from   You should also keep your email address on PaDS up to date. You can do this at any time when visiting the site.


To register with PEP please complete the form below. As part of this process you will be assigned a PaDS username and web password which you will need to remember. You will then be taken on to PEP’s secure order pages.


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