Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)
You can change the look and operation of PEP-Easy using the Preferences dialog.

Here are the options:

Color Theme – you can choose from “themes” which simply change the look of PEP-Easy, by changing colors and fonts.

Font Size – you can select the base font size which changes how large the text is in the menus and articles viewed on PEP-Easy.

Articles per page for searches – you can select the number of articles shown at one time in the search results.  If there are more articles in the results than you have in the “Articles per page” setting, you will be able to click on the arrow icons to go to the previous or next “page” of this many results.

Application language – The PEP-Easy user interface can be shown in a number of languages.  You can set the language you prefer here.  Note that this will not change the language in which the article text is displayed.

Checkmarked Options (these options are on or off in the interface):

Underline Glossary Terms – whether or not to show items from the PEP Glossary as underlined in articles — When it’s on, it’s easy to see what can be looked up by clicking on the word.  But since there are a lot of glossary terms, the article will display with a lot of underlines, so if that’s distracting to you, you can turn this off.

Justify Text – Check this if you want the text in articles to be displayed fully justified (on the left and right of the screen).

Auto broaden author/title search – Check this if you want to type partial names in the author field of the search form, and partial words in the title search field.  This does not apply to other fields–it was designed to be used when you have the search form set to show only the author and title fields.

Skip Abstracts – Check this if you are on a high speed connection and want to go directly to an article rather than the abstract when you are logged in.

Compact Search Mode – Use the pull down menu to select which fields should show in the compact mode of search.  You can always expand to the full set by clicking on the heading or the plus icon above the search form.